Crystal Vases Gift

The trick to buying the perfect employee gift is to find something classy and timeless enough to suit a variety of occasions, yet personalized enough to remind your employee of why they received it. An engraved crystal vase is a perfect example of this.

Solidarity and Style Communicate Value

Who doesn’t love a cut crystal vase full of flowers? Most people keep a glass vase in the cupboard for those surprise Valentine’s Day bouquets or obligatory Mother’s Day flowers every year. Often this will be a thin glass vase that tips if you try to fill it with flowers before adding water.

How much better a hefty crystal vase? A vase that communicates solidity and reminds your employee that their work is important and valued. It’s a great way to recognize anniversaries, weddings, or show appreciation for a job well done.

Show Off A Little

Your employee may already have an appreciation plaque in their office and a company water bottle to tote to the gym. A vase is the perfect embellishment for the home because its etching, though visible, is not the primary focus of the vase.

It’s subtle enough for the dining room table, and guests will notice that it was a gift: a heartfelt thank-you for their valuable contributions in the work place.

A Traditional Wedding Present

Sometimes traditional wedding presents are the best kind of wedding present. In an age of gift registries and gift cards, traditional gifts like vases are sometimes forgotten.

If your employee is like most newly married men and women, there will be flowers. At times like this, let them remember your presence in their journey through a vase etched with their names and wedding date.

Whether your employee is celebrating a twenty-year anniversary with the company, getting married, or just successfully completed a difficult project, a lead crystal vase etched with a word of appreciation, their wedding dates, or the company logo, might be just the gift for them.

If you want to explore other ideas, stick with us for Parts II and III of this series, designed to guide you pick out the perfect employee gift for each occasion. Get in touch with your questions and we can help you personalize your gift.