Glass Picture Frame

A trophy isn’t the only way to celebrate that employee who revolutionized the way your company does business. Sometimes a glass picture frame, personalized for the recipient, is the perfect award or gift.

Celebrate a Significant Work Accomplishment with a Glass Picture Frame

Glass picture frames can be engraved, much like a trophy, with the company logo and a message of praise. Snap a group picture after your next employee lunch and put it in a glass picture frame with the company logo and the message “we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Do you have an Employee of the Year? Engrave “Employee of the Year 2017” on a glass picture frame, accompanied by a photo of that top employee. Do you have a hardworking assistant who has really gone above and beyond this year? Snap a photo of him or her surrounded by grateful coworkers and write “with thanks to the one behind the scenes who makes it all happen!”

Consider, too, broadening your definition of a work accomplishment. Encouraging camaraderie in the work place can be just as important as recognizing a work accomplishment. Do you have an employee who spontaneously organized an event the whole office now looks forward to each year? Consider taking a group shot and engraving the event logo and tagline on a frame to remind them how much the office appreciates their initiative-taking.

Capture the Moment

Did you employee just have a baby? Capture the moment with a glass picture frame engraved with the baby’s name and birth date, along with a gift certificate to a nearby photography studio. Parents can never have too many pictures of their children, and by giving them this gift, you are affirming their importance not just as employees, but as parents too.

If you are really bold, try adding a company logo and “future employee of X company” at the bottom of the frame. Watch for a giggle as they open their package!

A Little Humor Goes a Long Way

While work anniversaries and life events are important to recognize, often the most motivating and memorable gifts we receive are the humorous ones. Do you have an office joke that always brings a smile to the face of your employees? Consider memorializing it with a humorous picture accompanied by an engraved message that riffs on the theme. This is what they will remember, years later, when they think of your office.