Employee Traits

It’s easy to recognize and reward gregarious employees. They’re outgoing, make friends easily, and naturally rise to the top. But it takes all personality types to keep the world (and business) moving forward. Surely, there are a few unsung heroes in your organization that deserve a custom award at your next occasion.

That’s why we’ve highlighted 5 critical employee traits to recognize and reward. These characteristics may not be the first ones you think of when discussing a valuable employee, but they’re just as beneficial and important! Let’s dive right into the list and find out just why these traits are so essential.


Everyone has a set of skills and responsibilities in an organization. Good employees make use of those skills and meet their responsibilities. Great employees take initiative and are willing to stretch their skills to achieve the task at hand. In the end, it’s all about being adaptable enough to your environment so you and your co-workers really thrive.


Some people have a natural ability to read a situation and determine the best way to respond. Intuitive employees pick up the emotions of others and changes in their environment without even realizing it, a skill that’s incredibly useful in a high-paced office.


There’s also another set of skills, tools, or programs that we wish we had at work. Resourceful employees don’t just talk about what they need to do their job well, they find a way to procure those tools and truly get the job done. Recognize team members who aren’t afraid to take the initiative with a custom cut acrylic award. You can personalize it for your recipient while encouraging others to live the same values.

Passionate Learners

You’re never really finished learning even if you have decades of experience in your career and industry. While some people might be content to rest on their laurels, employees who are passionate about learning motivate themselves and others to stay up-to-date.

Self Aware

Employees who are self-aware know their strengths and weakness. They understand their working style, preferences for communication, and character. A self-aware employee isn’t just good for your HR department, they’re good for fostering accountability across the board.

The best way to develop these traits in your team? With a little positive recognition, of course! Start by rewarding employees who already demonstrate these characteristics with custom cut acrylic awards. You’re sure to see these traits become integral parts of your organization’s culture.

For more ideas on how to recognize your employees or to discuss customization options, contact Allogram and we’ll get started!