Solid Walnut Plaque with 3-D gavel

SKU: 10303WA

Size: 8x10
Sale price$131.95

Solid Walnut Plaque with 3-D gavel

These beautiful plaques are perfect for judges to put up in their office. They have a modern look and you have to love the 3-D gavel feature. With the engraving you can add any text or image of your choice, to acknowledge your gratitude for your favorite lawyer. To accommodate your design this plaque can be bought vertical or horizontal. Gift a lawyer today with this selection, there are two available sizes from 8"x10" to 9"x12"

    Also great for:

    • Military Service Awards
    • Corporate Gifts
    • Keynote Speaker Gifts
    • Life-time Service Awards
    • Donor Recognition
    • Event Sponsors
    • Team Recognition Awards

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