Retirement is a bittersweet meeting between a beginning and an end. Celebrating retirement is a perfect way to thank an employee for their years of work, and to give other staff members a chance to say farewell. But what kind of celebration is suitable? Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, you should plan an event that matches the person being celebrated.

  1. Small and Simple

A more introverted, mild-mannered colleague may prefer a quiet gathering. This is easily accomplished at a workday brunch or luncheon, a casual happy hour, or a dinner party. Guests may include a small combination of co-workers, clients, friends, and family members.

Even a small event should include a gift that reflects the retiree and how they impacted the workplace. Coworkers can pool their funds to purchase a plaque or retirement clock.

  1. Hobby-Centered Event

With some planning ahead, a retirement celebration could focus on the retiree’s favorite hobby. This may take the form of a golf outing, a bowling party, a trip to the local casino, a baseball game, or karaoke. Depending on the person being celebrated, this may include a large group, or a few important individuals.

  1. Surprise Party

For more extroverted and easy-going retirees, an office surprise party can be a fun way to show your appreciation. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, with either a cake and a card signed by the whole office, or a catered gourmet lunch and an elegant gift. If the guest of honor has a sense of humor, this might include a warmhearted roast to send them off laughing.

  1. Family-Centric Party

If the retiree’s children and grandchildren live nearby, consider an event that is fun for all ages! Depending on the retiree and the time of year, this type of party can take just about any form. You might hold a barbecue at a local park, a Halloween party at the office, or rent a local venue. Consider having games and contests with prizes – besides the retiree’s gift!

  1. Serious but Heartfelt

Depending on the workplace and the individual, a more formal event may be appropriate. This celebration could include cocktails or a special dinner. Managers or executives could give a speech about what their associate has done for the company. Coworkers might offer a presentation or toast the retiree’s accomplishments. A decorative, personalized retirement clock gift can conclude the event.

Whatever the venue or party, an appropriate gift can help you show appreciation for a retiring coworker. Check out our wide variety of gifts, or contact us to talk about customizable options!