7 Ideas to Commemorate a Loved One’s Life

If someone special to you has passed there are many ways to keep their memories alive.

  1. Create a living reminder of your special someone.  Plant a tree in their memory and at the base of the tree include an engraved plaque detailing what made them special.
    Cast Aluminum Memorial






2. Dedicate a bench to the memory of that special person.  Place the bench in a setting that will allow peaceful reflection and include an engraved plaque to display their name, dates and any special details of their life.

3. Name a room after them.  A conference room or meeting space where visitors gather will provide an opportunity to remember your special someone and share your memories with others.  The signage at the door can include their photo along with a biography or any details of their life worth sharing.


4. Start a foundation to raise money for their favorite cause or finish a project they started.  A foundation created in their honor will allow others to remember them and what they stood for.  Keep track of all recipients on a perpetual plaque.


5. Start a new tradition and every year celebrate their memory.  As an added touch, have an engraved keepsake made to mark the special occasion and new tradition.







6. If crafting is a hobby, make a memory quilt or mount a collection of their belongings in a shadow box to proudly display in your home.  Fleece blankets can also be made to hold a single photo or many photos along with text to commemorate the loved one’s life.

7. Live your best life and be the best you can be in their memory.