Workplace Teamwork

Many companies have placed a greater emphasis on diversity in the workplace. Diversity can raise a company’s reputation, help it expand into other markets, and encourage new ideas.

So how can a company maintain a cohesive culture, encourage collaboration, and foster teamwork in an increasingly diverse environment? Company leaders can follow these tips to promote unity and teamwork. We’ll be here to help you celebrate milestones along the way with our line of custom plaques.

Start With Good Communication

From day one, every employee should understand their roles and responsibilities within the company. Research has shown that staff members who have a greater sense of purpose in their work are more engaged and productive. So make sure that everyone understands the value of their role, what their leaders expect of them, and how they can contribute to the company’s goals.

Provide Effective Conflict Resolution

Being a leader requires that you occasionally deal with conflict. Disagreements of all sizes will arise among employees, so companies should have appropriate conflict-resolution strategies. The company handbook should define what is appropriate or unacceptable employee behavior, with ways to report and resolve conflicts. In serious situations, such as when employees are threatening to quit, HR should be involved. Leaders should cultivate conflict-resolution qualities that include empathy, compromise, and being proactive.

Try Personality Tests

While personality tests may not always be a great hiring tool, they can be valuable for fostering cooperation among an existing team. Popular tests in the workplace include the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the DISC personality test, or the Caliper Profile. Understanding an employee’s personality type can provide insight on their thought processes and behavior, and can help encourage empathy and cooperation among coworkers.

Promote A Common Goal

One of the most natural ways to encourage teamwork is to make sure all the players have a common goal. On a grand scale, they should all be aware of the company’s objectives and values, and how their roles fit within them (which relates to Tip #1). It’s also possible to have more than one type of goal. They can be large, such as expanding into new global markets or promoting a particular cause, or small, such as reaching a monthly sales quota.

Whatever the size of the goal, or however abstract, there should be a tangible element to it. Consider prizes to the employee with the highest sales within a quarter, or a custom plaque to commemorate the accomplishments of a company team.

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