Engraving Stock Colors and Materials

We stock acrylic in clear, black and mirrored. We work with 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" thicknesses.

A technique used on colored engraving metals which gives a bolder look than diamond drag engraving. A burnishing tool is used in conjunction with a motor that spins the tool allowing it to float across the plate and remove the colored coating, revealing the gold or silver beneath. The motorized cut allows for a wider stroke and a bolder look. ($0.25(V) per character) Burnishing is best applied to larger sized plates of colored brass. These plates could be a part of plaques, clocks and executive gifts. Burnishing may also be utilized on crystal, glass and acrylic.

Chemical Etching
A technique utilizing chemicals applied to the products surface and then the imprint is lasered into the chemical application resulting in a dark charcoal gray imprint.  This process is best for uncoated metals. Pricing varies depending on the product and the application. Please inquire for an accurate quote.

Diamond Drag Engraving

This is a technique used to scratch the colored top surface of the plate, allowing the core (brass=gold, aluminum=silver) to show. This type of engraving is also recommended to use on non colored brass and aluminum plates. We then apply acid to the letters to turn them black, making them more readable against the gold or silver surface. ($0.15(V) per character) Diamond Drag engraving is used most frequently on plaques, clocks, silver plate, trophy plates, metal name badges, small engraved plates and executive gifts. Routing your logo from a digitized disk. Digitizing charges range from $50-$200(P) depending on the complexity of your logo. Once the logo is digitized, the engraving charges start at $7(V) per item and increase with size and complexity. Once the logo is digitized, it may be engraved on a number of items in a variety of sizes.

Laser Engraving
A technique where a powerful and precise laser beam burns the image into the material. Many materials are capable of being lasered, including colored brass, colored aluminum, wood, marble, acrylic, corian, stone, leather, plastic and glass. ($80(P) set up plus $2.00(P) per line). The laser allows us to cut a variety of materials in a custom shape. We can take the shape of your logo and turn it into a name badge, stand up award, or integrate it into making a stunning presentation for an outstanding accomplishment.

Metal is available in brass aluminum and steel. Brass (engraves gold) is available in gold, silver, red, blue, black, green, brown, blue marbleized, green marbleized, burgundy marbleized and grey marbleized. Aluminum (engraves silver) is available in gold, silver, red, blue, black, green, maroon and brown.  There are other colors available by special order, please inquire.

Plastic engraving stock is available in just about every color known. Plastic engraving stock consists of the surface color and the core color. We stock the following plastic materials: gold/black, silver/black, gold/burgundy, silver/burgundy, gold/green, silver/green, white/black, white/red, white/blue, black/white, red/white, blue/white, green/white, burgundy/white, brown/white, and wood grain/white. Please inquire about any color you may need.  If we don't stock it we can special order it just for your project.  Plastic engraving is priced at $0.63(V) per square inch or $0.25(V) per character.

Rotary Engraving
A technique used on plastic or acrylic engraving stock, where a motor spins the cutter at a high speed. The cutter size and depth of cut is adjustable, allowing for different looks and effects. ($0.75(V) per character) Rotary style engraving is commonly used on plastic for interior signs, name badges and desk blocks.

Routing and Color Filling
The same technique above is applied to metal engraving stock ($1.88(V) per character) or to acrylic ($0.32(V) per character). Often when routing and color filling an acrylic product, the reverse is engraved which allows the front surface to be smooth and seamless to view the image from the front. Routing and color filling metal is primarily used for interior signs. This process may be used for acrylic awards, mirrored acrylic plaques or stand-up awards.

This technique gives us the ability to use extremely fine bits of aluminum oxide to etch an array of surfaces. Once we have the art we will create a stencil with your chosen text or logo design and then using an air compressed, hand held blast nozzle your design is carefully and meticulously carved out by the blasted oxide propelled at the item creating a beautiful opaque and/or frosty appearance.  Sandblasting has a $100(P) set up and a run charge of $0.94(V) per square inch.

 - One Color to Full Color
A technique where a computer generated graphic is printed with special toner in reverse and put through a heat press to permanently transfer the image to a gold, silver or white plate. The most common color is a black image on a gold brass plate. Other colors are available and a silver or white plate may be used. ($6.00(V) per image) This process is most commonly used to inexpensively imprint a logo on plaques, clocks, desk accessories, stand up awards and paperweights.

Thermal Printing on Vinyl
A technique utilizing digital imaging with thermal printing of 30 spot colors or process color on a wide variety of vinyl materials. The printed image can then be decal cut and applied to the product, or used as a label, bumper sticker or window decal. This technologically advanced technique gives the most flexibility in number of imprint colors and the size and shape of imprint. The output is guaranteed outdoor durable for up to 5 years. ($80.00 per color set up plus per piece charge)

Direct UV Printing
We are able to print in full color, photographic quality, directly onto any substrate that meets certain conditions.  We can also produce ADA compliant braille signs.  Our UV printers not only print on flat surfaces but can print on cylindrical surfaces too.  The image clarity and color is amazing.  Combining direct UV print with laser cut acrylic produces a completely custom product at an unbeatable price!